Refunds & Withdrawals

Process your customers' withdrawal and refund requests with confidence and speed.


The Problem

  • Complex workflow to manage
  • Delayed service-level agreements can lead to poor customer experience
  • Manual processes introduce risk of human error

The Solution

  • End-to-end bulk payments experience consolidates all incoming withdrawal/refund requests in one place
  • Payments are processed to customers safely and accurately, every time

How do we enable Refunds and Withdrawals

Native Experience

No need to consolidate requests on one platform and use another to make payments. Do it all in one place with Lean.

Collated real-time dashboard

All requests are collated and updated in real-time, ensuring quick action and an ideal customer experience.

Automation Capabilities

You can expedite the process even further by setting up custom automations for payouts to be processed as they are requested, instead of manually authorizing each.

What our clients have built

The products you need


Connect across your platform to collect, collate and process all payout requests coming from end users, all in one place.

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See Lean in action

Explore what it’s like to connect with Lean as an end-customer and see the data you can extract using the LinkSDK and Data APIs.

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