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Monthly Socials

Published on
December 7, 2023
Updated on
December 19, 2023
Ali Noor
Senior Talent Partner
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Beyond Office Walls: Navigating Lean's Monthly Socials

Even before joining the Lean team, I was welcomed with open arms to a social event that promised to be the beginning of an incredible journey with an exceptional team. The office events and Lean socials, I must say, are nothing short of delightful. We engage in a variety of activities, some conducted remotely, on a weekly or biweekly basis, adding a vibrant touch to our work culture.

What sets Lean socials apart is the diversity of events happening throughout the month. From the KSA office engaging in padel or honing archery skills to the Dubai office embracing go-karting adventures or discovering new culinary gems, there's always something happening.

Here in the London office, the atmosphere is particularly invigorating, especially on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Whether we're competing fiercely on the dartboard with a leaderboard tracking our triumphs, enjoying a lively five-a-side football match on Thursdays, or being treated to a culinary journey by our office manager during lunch, every day at Lean is far from dull. As we put in the hard work, the numerous events and team bonding activities serve as rewarding breaks, creating a close-knit and enjoyable work environment. Personally, I have been refining my dart-throwing skills and attempting to elevate my Mario Kart reputation beyond the perennial 4th place. It's a challenge, given the presence of some dedicated Mario Kart fanatics among us.

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