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Learning & Development Days

Published on
December 7, 2023
Updated on
December 13, 2023
Aaron Delgado Ripoll
Senior Software Engineer
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A Two-Day Deep Dive into Software Mastery at Work

I got the chance to really make the most of the two-day learning days at work. I engaged in a short course on software architecture at my workplace via Udemy.

The course delved into the intricacies of designing large-scale systems, providing invaluable insights into crafting architectures of handling millions of daily requests. Emphasizing scalability, it equipped me to create software systems that expand seamlessly to meet demands while ensuring unwavering availability. Rather than just getting caught up in the programming part it was incredibly valuable and gave me a fresh perspective on our projects and how the platform works.

The course also explored the application of industry-proven software architectural patterns, showcasing the use of established blueprints, building blocks and best practices. This knowledge proved instrumental in crafting robust and efficient software solutions aligned with industry standards.

The course empowered me to approach system design comprehensively - from articulating technical requirements to delineating high-level components and designing sophisticated APIs.

In just two days, this immersive learning experience not only broadened my understanding of software architecture but also provided a refined perspective on our ongoing projects, underscoring the integral link between meticulous system design and successful software implementation.

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