Product Updates
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Lean Product Update - May 2023

Published on
August 8, 2023
Updated on
August 8, 2023
Razza Ahmed
Marketing and Product Marketing Lead
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Product Updates

Bank Connections Made Simple with HyperLink

Introducing HyperLink, the effortless solution to connect with your customers' bank accounts. With a single link, you can harness the power of Open Banking.

HyperLink enables you to  instantly integrate Open Banking into your existing online and offline customer journeys, with almost no development resources. With Hyperlink you can now ask your customers to connect their bank account via a WhatsApp or text message, POS display, or anywhere you can display a link or QR code to your customers.

Discover more about HyperLink by booking a demo with our team to learn more about how it can help you experiment and engage with the new possibilities unlocked by Open Banking.

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In-Depth Financial Reports at Your Fingertips

With HyperLink we introduced the ability to quickly connect your customers' accounts. With Reports we take convenience one step further at the click of a button.

Open Banking provides a wealth of data previously inaccessible via other channels, processing and visualizing the data for your teams is a new challenge that many businesses face. To shortcut your time to market we built Reports, a quick and simple way to generate an in-depth summary of your customer’s financial data and share it with the rest of your business in the form of a PDF.

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An update on our KSA Insights APIs

Our Insights APIs just got an update. Now get access to even more comprehensive data on your customers. With our two new endpoints—Inflow Insights and Outflow Insights—you gain a holistic view of all the funds flowing into and out of your customers' accounts.

  • Inflow Insights: provides detailed information on all transactions credited into a connected account. This comprehensive view allows you to analyze the patterns and volume of incoming funds
  • Outflow Insights: provides detailed information on all transactions debited from a connected account, unlocking valuable insights into spending patterns and financial behavior

With these enhanced insights, credit scoring becomes easier, faster, and more reliable. Leverage the power of data to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

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Sarwa × Lean

We are delighted to share the success story of our valued client, Sarwa, who leveraged our open banking solutions to streamline their funding operations and enhance their overall customer experience. By partnering with Lean, Sarwa was able to achieve remarkable results.

Read the full case study on our website to learn how Sarwa benefited from working with Lean.

See Lean in action

Explore what it’s like to connect with Lean as an end-customer and see the data you can extract using the LinkSDK and Data APIs.

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