Product Updates
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Lean Product Update - July 2023

Published on
August 8, 2023
Updated on
August 8, 2023
Razza Ahmed
Marketing and Product Marketing Lead
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Product Updates

Account Verification via Lean (Coming Soon)

All businesses in KSA that disburse funds to their customers; from Lenders to SME financing platforms and wallets, are required to verify the account information provided by a customer is held in their name and matches the details obtained through KYC, which is a heavily manual and time consuming process.

Our new product, Account Verification, is built to tackle client pain points of manually collecting and verifying account ownership, by enabling them to do so via a single API call without the need for any consent management flows.

With this new product, you can remove the requirements for handling IBAN certificates and create smooth, frictionless onboarding journeys that are invisible to your customer.

Contact our sales team to learn more.

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Be the fastest to market with Reports and Hyperlink

We have recently rolled out our product suite tailored for clients looking to integrate Open Banking into their platform swiftly with minimal technical investment.

HyperLink offers the simplest and fastest way to get customers to connect their bank accounts securely with a simple URL or QR code shared via SMS, WhatsApp, Email or whatever channel you prefer.

Reports allows you to access a consolidated and detailed dashboard view of all your customers' connected accounts, providing valuable insights into each account's transactions, balance, inflow, and outflow of funds.

Contact our sales team to learn more.

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Our growing KSA Retail Bank Coverage

We are proud to announce that we have expanded our retail bank coverage in KSA. With the recent launch of BSF and Alinma Bank integrations, along with upgrades to our existing integrations to comply with the KSA Open Banking Standard, we now cover 55% of retail banks in KSA.

Our goal is to achieve 100% coverage before the end of the quarter, ensuring that you have access to the widest range of banking services to serve your customers better.

Near 100% UAE Retail Bank Coverage

With the addition of EI 2.0 by Emirates Islamic in our list of retail bank integrations we have now expanded our coverage to 98% across all retail banks in UAE.

Lean currently has the largest bank coverage across Open Banking in the market, and we are constantly working to reach 100%, ensuring we enable you to serve all your end users via Open Banking.

See Lean in action

Explore what it’s like to connect with Lean as an end-customer and see the data you can extract using the LinkSDK and Data APIs.

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