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6 Weeks Work from Anywhere

Published on
November 28, 2023
Updated on
December 13, 2023
Manuel Torres
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Working from where I want to be.

6 working weeks per year from anywhere

Travel plays a huge role in our lives, shaping both mine and my wife's memories and commitments. Imagine being able to work from any place you want or from where you need to be — it gives a fresh perspective and helps me perform at my best. With this benefit I’ve been able to explore new places as if I lived there. It's not just about breaking routine; it also strengthens the trust within my team and reinforces my commitment to our priorities.

While traveling, my work days have become infused with the ordinary things of these incredible places like the time I spent my focus time from Nomad Coffee in the vibrant neighborhood El Born in Barcelona. I didn’t only try one of the best roasters in Europe, but had a front-row seat to Barcelonans’ laid back lifestyle where community is at the center of everything. The space was tiny and sort of busy, but perfect for solid hours of deep focus to finish important UI updates to our dashboard I was working on. While I was there I asked the baristas to share their favorite coffee shops in town. They came up with a long list of coffee shops I’ll try working from on my next trip to Barcelona.

As a Designer, getting immersed in different cultures drives my creative thinking as it gives me a window to observe new lifestyles. Having this opportunity creates a unique type of tourism where I get fully immersed in the day to day of different cultures and corners of the world, not only the sightseeings, but the places where people go for lunch or the humble secret corners. Another great tale of hybrid working was a recent trip to Madrid, where I found such a gem: The Social Hub. I couldn’t name any better place to stay, work, and also be a stone’s throw from The Royal Palace. The format of the venue provided a relaxed but high-quality stay where I was able work all day long comfortably from the hotel’s coworking space.


Finally, the most valuable aspect of Lean’s Work From Anywhere benefit happens when I fly to the other side of the world: my home in Mexico. Part of living away from my loved ones is missing the most important events in life. This flexibility lets me extend my visits, making holidays and family gatherings extra special. Like our own wedding last year where I split my time between working for a couple of weeks and also logging-off to fully enjoy that special moment. It’s not worth rushing such an occasion, and the Lean team was always supportive of me.

working remotely from mexico

This year, I'm eagerly awaiting coming back home for my sister's wedding and looking forward to celebrating the year's end with our families. I've planned a few weeks off and others where I'll be available to help my team. The time zone difference – around 9 hours behind our offices – sounds challenging, but allows me to better manage my schedule, stay connected with my team in the overlapping hours, and have uninterrupted periods for focus without any meetings. This leaves me with the rest of the day to spend quality time with my family and savor Mexico's delightful cuisine.

Traveling and sharing plenty of memories with my family means the world to me, and this setup makes sure I don’t miss out on anything without compromising Lean’s success. It’s not just about convenience; it’s about creating a lifestyle where being productive and enjoying life can fit seamlessly if I need to.

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