Say goodbye to card fees with easy bank to bank transfers

With Lean's Payments API, your customers can now initiate bank account transfers seamlessly from within your own application, thus increasing conversion and cutting out the expensive infrastructure behind most online payments.

Secure and private by design

Lean uses the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure safety for all participants in the ecosystem.

Easy to integrate

Our APIs provide easy to consume data that can be integrated into any system.

Smooth payments

Onboard customers with just 6 lines of code through the LinkSDK.

Build with Lean

Payments have never been easier.

Create payment sources, and initiate payments in three simple steps.

  • Create Payment Source icon

    Create Payment Source

    Your customer connects their bank account.

  • Create A Payment Intent icon

    Create A Payment Intent

    Track a payment through all of it's states.

  • Payment Initiation icon

    Payment Initiation

    Transfer funds from your customer to a nominated destination.


2  customer_id: "f3f5bef8-3aaa-4d89-887e-561e0191f815",
3  appToken: "bd2ac3ca-1409-4f00-addc-5dedb51f3100"


2  "type": "payment_source.created",
3  "payload": {
4    "id": "838af9d4-d77d-4a1e-bc9d-e4f6067ec9a3",
5    "customer_id": "6dd9c7d2-1c8c-4862-bb1f-fcf52f5033d4",
7    "bank_identifier": "HSBC_UAE",
8    "bank_name": "HSBC"
9  },
10  "message": "A payment source was preauthorized by your customer.",
11  "timestamp": "2020-07-31T07:11:39.862804Z"

Link SDK

Manage & initiate payments with 6 lines of code

LinkSDK can be integrated into your application with just 6 lines of code, and manages the connection of your customer’s bank and initiating payments in a single integration.

Available on:

iOSAndroidWebReact Native{
2  app_token: '0e02e886f0ca41a4a73599e95dd46068',
3  payment_intent_id: '31a33b17-0155-4fe1-acfe-58c51071a51a'

Use cases

Products you can build with Payments API

P2P Wallets

Manage payments between users.


Help users invest and manage their finaces.

Buy Now Pay Later

Enable users to create purchase plans to manage their cash flow.

Why Lean?

The architecture for the future of finance.


Lean implements protocols at source to keep data secure so your customer’s financial data is protected every step of the way.

One integration

With a single integration, you get access to an ever-expanding universe of financial institutions and capabilities, allowing a simpler, cleaner more scaleable codebase.

Direct Connection

We operate as close to the rails as possible, building on top of existing bank APIs and delivering best-in-class reliability for you and your customers.

Fully compliant

Lean is fully regulated in each market we operate in making us the ideal partner to navigate the complex regulatory frameworks across the region.